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  • Gomez-Lavin, J. Working memory is not a natural kind.
  • Gomez-Lavin, J. Reportability does not entail consciousness.
  • Gomez-Lavin, J. The central fallacy of AIR theories of consciousness.
  • Gomez-Lavin, J., Fingerhut, J., & Prinz, J. Immigration and the moral self.
  • Gomez-Lavin, J. & Humphries, J. The myth of the general faculty.
  • Gomez-Lavin, J. & Rachar, M. Why we need a new normativism about collective action.
  • Fingerhut, J., Gomez-Lavin, J., Winklemayer, C., & Prinz, J. The aesthetic self effect.


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